About the technology of washing the facades of buildings in detail

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About the technology of washing the facades of buildings in detail
Washing the facades
And if you want to order washing of building facades, then contact professional cleaners. They will review the situation and find the best solution.

How are facades cleaned?

Periodic washing of building facades is a great way to maintain a presentable appearance of various structures, and therefore ordering this service is a popular solution among owners of commercial and other real estate.

Facades power washing

Self-cleaning of facades is usually not practiced, because this process requires serious preparation from the performers. Yes, and without the use of very expensive professional equipment will not work. Therefore, if people plan to wash the facades of buildings, they usually turn to cleaners or industrial climbers - depending on the nature and complexity of future work.

Methods for washing of facades

If we talk about the most effective methods, it is worth highlighting such ways to achieve the mentioned goal as washing facades from the ground (by using telescopic rods), from aerial platforms (the most expensive option using equipment) and from scaffolding (after completion of construction and repair work). Sometimes classical industrial mountaineering is used, but its order is not always expedient.

The most popular method of washing building facades

The choice of technology depends on the size of the facade and the nature of the pollution present on it. Facades may contain mineral and organic contamination. In the most difficult situations, heavy metal residues are also present. In each case, the processing method is selected individually. The cost and terms of work are announced at the planning stage of cleaning activities. Here more information of professional power washing services https://windowwashingexpert.com/power-washing/.

The most popular method of washing building facades

In most cases, washing of facades is carried out using a special washing machine, and Karcher equipment is considered the best solution. Using professional equipment, it is possible to provide high-quality washing of building facades directly from the ground - to a height of up to 20 meters. If this height is not enough, then you need to use other tricks described in the previous section.

Washing facades from the ground is carried out by several methods. Next, we describe the most popular solution. To begin with, specialists bring the necessary equipment and place it next to the building whose facade needs to be cleaned. Next, the optimal location is calculated and the trolley with the equipment control unit is installed. After the assembly of the structure is carried out (a brush with a spray and two tubes are connected to the rod), water is supplied.

Features of washing facades

Then you can start the washing process. After opening the tap, water will flow through the first tube, and a cleaning solution through the second. The type of detergent depends on the facade coating and is determined at the stage of discussing the specifics of the planned work. To achieve the desired effect, specialists usually use professional consumables and demineralized water.

Features of washing facades

When ordering the mentioned procedure, you should remember some features of its implementation. This knowledge will be useful even if professionals are involved. First of all, for a full understanding of the specifics of certain actions performed by cleaners.

So, what you need to know about washing facades:

  • the service should be ordered at least several times a year, because even if the dirt is not visible, it is still present;
  • washing of facades should be performed before the start of cosmetic repairs, and not after it;
  • each type of pollution has its own specifics, so the selection of cleaning products should be given priority;
  • after washing the facades of buildings, it is advisable to additionally wash the windows, and then polish some areas (for example, spiers and places where advertising structures are placed).

Ideally, washing of facades should be carried out in the warm season. Otherwise, certain difficulties may arise.

Who is responsible for washing the facades of buildings?

There are usually two options - cleaning companies and industrial climbers. In the first case, the range of possibilities is significantly lower, but the price does not “bite”. In the second, there are more options, but the financial costs are very significant. Therefore, it makes sense to first call the cleaners, and if it is impossible to attract them, contact the climbers.

And if you want to order washing of building facades, then contact professional cleaners. They will review the situation and find the best solution for you. Fast, high quality and inexpensive.

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