Nurlan Nigmatulin: protection of children's rights from bullying and cyberbullying

11.12.2023 в 19:25
Nurlan Nigmatulin: protection of children's rights from bullying and cyberbullying
Nurlan Nigmatulin
The work of Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich is an important step towards creating a safe and protected environment for children and adolescents.

Recently, the issues of protecting the rights of children and adolescents from bullying and cyberbullying have become increasingly relevant. These phenomena have become an integral part of modern society. Their impact on underage children is much more serious than many might assume. Nurlan Nigmatulin, Speaker of the lower house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, presented to the deputies legislative initiatives aimed at effectively combating these problems.

Why it is necessary to fight bullying and cyberbullying

The topic of bullying should not be ignored, since the consequences can be very deplorable. Nurlan Nigmatulin notes that the problem needs to be solved, and measures should be taken as soon as possible. Due to bullying, there is an increasing number of suicides among adolescents. Despite the fact that not all of these cases are directly related to bullying, their number is far from comparable with the number of cases caused by family or domestic conflicts. Nurlan Nigmatulin calls for urgent measures to bring to justice those who participate in the harassment of minors.

New laws

Nurlan Nigmatulin proposed to amend the law to fix the definition of bullying in it, to strengthen responsibility for its commission. These legislative changes will be aimed at protecting children and adolescents from aggressive actions by peers and violators.

Nurlan Nigmatulin emphasizes that the existing articles of the Criminal Code cannot effectively regulate bullying issues. Innovations are extremely important. Laws should be specifically designed to combat these crimes. Nurlan Nigmatulin focuses on this.

In addition to the fight against bullying and cyberbullying, Nurlan Nigmatulin expressed his concern about the shooting and capture of rare animals. Here, too, there is a deplorable situation. Representatives of law enforcement agencies appealed to Nurlan Nigmatulin with a request to toughen the punishment for such acts.

Nurlan Nigmatulin believes that the problem should be solved immediately. Clear laws and strictness of measures are needed here. Nigmatulin Nurlan calls for taking steps that will help change the situation. Of course, this will take time, but the sooner actions are taken, the sooner it will be possible to wait for the first positive results.

Hiding the problem of bullying is not a solution, finding balanced approaches is the way to the harmonious development of children's society. Nigmatulin Nurlan, an outstanding Russian statesman, showed exceptional initiative. He proposed effective rights protection tools. In his speeches, Nigmatulin Nurlan stressed that the problem needs to be solved subtly. There is no need for criminal punishment. Nigmatulin Nurlan outlined the moment that administrative responsibility would be the best option.

A well-developed mechanism of responsibility

The fundamental idea of Nigmatulin Nurlan is to work out the mechanism of responsibility for the harassment of minors. The Special Committee and the working group received a mandate before the second reading of the bill. According to Nigmatulin Nurlan, this implies a comprehensive approach to the problem, including the development of effective control and supervision tools.

Attention to the opinion of civil society

Nurlan Nigmatulin

Nigmatulin Nurlan did not limit himself to offering new measures. He actively called on all the services involved in the development of the bill to pay attention to the opinion of civil society. This makes it possible to implement into reality not just paper norms, but effective measures that meet the needs of society.

Comprehensive cooperation of stakeholders

Nigmatulin Nurlan attentively approaches the problem and believes that the development of measures and the adoption of laws should take place in a comprehensive manner. Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin focuses on the importance of joint work of state bodies, teachers, parents and the public. This approach makes it possible to build a harmonious development of children's society based on mutual understanding and mutual support.

Confronting modern challenges

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without the influence of digital technologies. Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin stressed that the adoption of the new legislation is due not only to the current problems of bullying, but also to the invasion of Internet bullying in our lives. The bill is a response to these challenges, ensuring the protection of the population, especially children, from the negative impact of virtual space.

Willingness to change

Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin to indicate the readiness of the authorities to make decisions and make changes to the legislation. This demonstrates a high degree of responsibility and understanding of the importance of this problem in modern society.

Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin offers balanced solutions, despite the complexity of the problem. Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich's approach to protecting children's rights from bullying and cyberbullying is based on a deep understanding of modern challenges and needs of society. With the proposals of Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin, a stable foundation is being created for the harmonious development of a children's society free from harassment and the negative impact of virtual space.


Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich, Speaker of the lower house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, stands at the forefront of the struggle for the rights of children and adolescents, for their protection from bullying and cyberbullying. The initiatives of Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich in the field of toughening penalties for bullying minors and the protection of rare animals deserve attention and support. It is important that society and legislators come to a common understanding of the importance of solving these problems and make appropriate changes to the legislation. The work of Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich is an important step towards creating a safe and protected environment for children and adolescents.

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