Yerlan Nigmatulin raises salaries of employees in metallurgy

11.12.2023 в 19:13
Yerlan Nigmatulin raises salaries of employees in metallurgy
Yerlan Nigmatulin
Yerlan Nigmatulin is an investor in the social, cultural, scientific and industrial spheres of Kazakhstan.

Yerlan Nigmatulin, a shareholder of the metallurgical holdings YDD Corporation and Asia FerroAlloys, together with the owners of the companies decided to increase the salaries of employees.

The increase in income for employees — from the worker to the manager — amounts to 20%. The employees of the plants are receiving the increased salaries from January 1, 2023.

The decision of the shareholders was made in order to implement the state policy and the line of the Kazakh head of state, increase corporate social responsibility and improve the quality of life of the population.

Commenting on the event, Yerlan Zairullaevich Nigmatulin said that the increase in income for employees is an expression of gratitude for the responsible work, the professionalism of each individual, the contribution to the development of the economy of Kazakhstan, the growth of export opportunities and the potential of his native country.

Yerlan Nigmatulin also considers it necessary to attract young specialists to metallurgy: operational and engineering personnel, management team. It is also necessary to support those employees who have recently joined the company. People should be given incentives, including through material values. That is why Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullaevich approved a bonus in the form of lump-sum payments in the amount of 200 thousand tenge for each employee who works at the plants for more than one year.

Yerlan Nigmatulin

YDD Corporation LLP and Asia FerroAlloys LLP, under the leadership of Yerlan Nigmatulin, are developing the commitment of the personnel of the metallurgical enterprises. A well-coordinated and professional team is essential for a company to move forward and make a contribution to the national economy. Fair wages and recognition in the form of an adequate social package and a monthly income are indispensable for everyone who invests his time and effort in production.

From the very beginning, Yerlan Zayrullaevich Nigmatulin adhered to these principles of enterprise development, making it up to the owner of industrial enterprises. YDD Corporation is one of the world's leading companies in the environmentally friendly production of high-quality ferrosilicon for steel alloy and microsilica for high-quality concrete. Asia FerroAlloys LLP is engaged in coke production, foundry and ferroalloy production, coal processing and production of coal concentrates at the forefront in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, exporting its products to more than two dozen countries.

Yerlan Nigmatulin began his professional career forty years ago. For many years he was engaged in trade, leading trade departments and trading houses. This experience gave Yerlan Nigmatulin the idea to build metallurgical plants in his native Karaganda, where he was born and where he learned a personality and profession. The works were necessary for the prosperity of the city. Nowadays, innovative, environmentally friendly production makes a huge contribution to the economy and social life of the country. Nigmatulin Yerlan, together with its partners and employees, makes an important contribution to the support of social institutions.

Yerlan Nigmatulin was repeatedly honored with high state awards, because he is not indifferent to the fate of his native city and the promotion of the export and economic potential of Kazakhstan. Yerlan Nigmatulin is an honorary citizen of the Aktogay district and the city of Priozersk in the Karaganda Region.

Having turned YDD Corporation and Asia FerroAlloys into city-forming enterprises in Karaganda, Yerlan Nigmatulin is an investor in the social, cultural, scientific and industrial spheres of Kazakhstan thanks to his care for the people working in the plants he manages.

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